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The Oldest Personalization Format Which Is The Monograms
A monogram is basically the styled marking of the initials of a person in a particular item. The purpose of a monogram in the past is to know the person who created the item or the person on which the item was created. A common practice even in the modern days is to mark the initials and the date of purchase on the household items. And monogram eventually became something that would show the appearance and add worth to an item, and to express ownership at the same time.

The standard monogram always use a combination of three letters, but you can also use one or two letters if you want. The standard three letter combination of a monogram will normally include the initials of the first, last, and middle names of a person in that exact order when you read it from left to right. The initial of the last name will be larger than the letters for the initial of the first and middle name, and it should be placed in the middle. To read more about the monogramming Thomasville view the link.

It would not matter on the number of letters that will be used, they will all be formed usually with upper class or capital letters. And with typography, other characteristics will generally be different based on the tone that will be desired in the appearance of the letters in the monogram. An in order to project a muscular or feminine feel, informality or formality, etc, the monogram can use different shape, placement, color, and size. There are even some instances where in the letters will be overlapped and placed in an uncommon shape, or even for a more artistic feel, will be decorated. But in order for the letters in the monogram to remain unique from the several other decorative theme, it should be readable.

Jewelries are example of some items that are made similarly to how monograms are made. But monograms are usually engraved, printed, embroidered, or embossed. Monograms that are seen on items that are mass produced or less expensive are usually printed. Engraved monograms are usually etched or carved on the surface of metal, glass, or wood. While the initials that are mashed and embossed would usually be seen on the expensive items as images that are raised. Go to the reference of this site at monogramming Valdosta.

Monograms are embroidered or stitched commonly on leather and fabric items. There might be cases where it is possible to print the initials but the obvious choice is to have them embroidered or stitched. For example, a towel made of terrycloth that is embroidered or stitched with the initials is better as compared to the towel that was printed with the monogram.

During the days, it is really popular to have monograms that will be embroidered in order to carry messages that most of the time will be made up of a high morale.